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Develop a hack to explore the ramifications of automation on the insurance industry and what new models may need to be developed.

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Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
The Health Craft High Flyers Sunshine Coast Queensland
Borobi Chat Prestige Worldwide Gold Coast Queensland
Chooks Chooks Adelaide SA
CitySpot Dunn25 Playford SA
CommsBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
Datapocalypse Survivors Sydney NSW
Digital Identifiers (AUS) Digital ID (AUS) Sydney NSW
digital legislation pat without mat Launceston Tasmania
Disability Without Barriers Crusaders Canberra ACT
e-resq Excitations Gold Coast Queensland
Emergency Service Application Gold Coast Queensland
Enviro Hackers Enviro Hackers Sydney NSW
Fishing Go iFish Brisbane Queensland
getMoving Smart Move Ballarat Victoria
Healthy Practices Daniel Neyland Ballarat Victoria
Indoor Way One man band - no problem! Sydney NSW
LandChain :: The Building Passport SUHO Canberra ACT
Project NeXT Team API Wyndham Victoria
ReScrew Community Builders.TECH Canberra Tasmania
ReScrew Community Builders.TECH Canberra ACT
RoFleTaxEn 2030 - Robust and Flexible Tax Environment in 2030 The Next 100 Years Perth WA
RUCNavi Greentea Adelaide SA
SafetyCam TeamOne Ballarat Victoria
Search t+1 CTDS Sydney NSW
Sign Benign NoRoadKill Perth WA
Space Shepherd: Satellite remote sensing of sheep distributions in 2020 and 2030 The Next 100 Years Perth WA
Sparky, the ChatBot SUHO Canberra ACT
TacksHax H@ckgile Sydney NSW
Tappy McTapface the income tax bot Tappy McTapface Sydney NSW
Touralytics Touralytics Gold Coast Queensland
Transpool transpool Perth WA
VisualEYES VisualEYES Sydney NSW
VolunteerBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
WynBot Neutron Wyndham Victoria