Best tertiary hacker team

The best project from a team which entirely consists of students attending a TAFE or University in the ACT.

Eligibility Criteria

All members of the team must be currently enrolled at a TAFE or University in the ACT.

Award Sponsor


Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
CBRstatbot Canberra ACT
Capture the Villan! Atlas's Resteraunt Canberra ACT
Cristat Cristat Canberra ACT
Disability Without Barriers Crusaders Canberra ACT
Exploring Renewable Energy Sources for the ACT DJ Incorporated Canberra ACT
Express iWouldRatherWalk Canberra ACT
Gender transparency CGS_Lemons Canberra ACT
P2P+ (Point2PointPlus) Team ERM Canberra ACT
Suburban FennerBoiz Canberra ACT
VĂ©loCity The Committee of Public Safety Canberra ACT
Walkabout Dancing Hotdog Canberra ACT