Best Wellington Grants Data Hack

Every year Wellington City Council grants funds to community groups to make our city a better place. These groups do everything from events, to animal rescue to working with at risk young people. To help make Wellington a better place we want to see how people can use that data to help people see where the money gets spent, find grant opportunities and help see the impact in our city

Eligibility Criteria

Teams must make use of Wellington City's Grant Data

Award Sponsor

Wellington City Council

Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
Awol TopDown New Zealand New Zealand
BizWell Enzed Kiwis New Zealand NZ Ltd. Wellington New Zealand
ConcreteInk CONCRETEINK Wellington New Zealand
Dutiful data HackViz Wellington New Zealand
GrantHunter Hakkety Yak Wellington New Zealand Wellington New Zealand
Pepperoni Sandwich Pepperoni Sandwich Hamilton New Zealand Wellington New Zealand
Wellington Grants Stillpig Christchurch New Zealand