Best youth hacker team

The best project from a team which entirely consists of ACT secondary school students.

Eligibility Criteria

All members of the team must be currently enrolled at a secondary school or college in the ACT.

Award Sponsor


Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
BoredInCBR Boredom_n_buttons Canberra ACT
Canberra Repair Stay Woke Squad Pham Canberra ACT
Cristat Cristat Canberra ACT
Distance Heckermen Canberra ACT
Gender transparency CGS_Lemons Canberra ACT
I'm Bored Leftovers Canberra ACT
Murango Dragons Canberra ACT
NightWatch NightWatchMen Canberra ACT
Nudge Coolbeanz Canberra ACT
Tindata Tindata Canberra ACT
Transport Transfer Illuminated Script Canberra ACT
Welcome to Canberra Year7CGS2017 Canberra ACT