Bounty: Plausible Futures

The ATO is committed to reducing uncertainty about our understanding of the future environment in which we will be operating. Our challenge is for you to create plausible futures for Australia in 2030 (using the Futures Australia Exec Summary and the APF document, as a primer and guide). Answer this challenge using the ATO Data Sets (which link data from the ATO and Census data from the ABS) along with any other available data.

Remember to explore as many options as possible and explain your assumptions about the trajectory of events and forces at play. Ask yourselves whether the existing data sets present a realistic view of the present, and the extent to which they can be relied upon as a baseline for the study of the future environment.

Here is a short video outlining some of the aspects of the Data sets that may be helpful.

Eligibility Criteria

The ABS and ATO take privacy and confidentiality seriously, so your concept shouldn't attempt to identify any individuals, households or organisations. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please discuss it further with an ABS or an ATO mentor.

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Projects for this award:

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