Bounty: So what’s happened to my IP Rights application?

We are looking for the best mobile app that can solve our applicant’s problem: trying to determine the status of their application within our systems. At IP Australia, applicants can apply for either trade marks, patents, designs or plant breeders rights. After filing, these applications need to be classified, examined and searched. They may also be published… directed.. lapsed… expire…require payment…. After filing an application, applicants always ask: what has happened to my IP rights application? 

The name of our open data source that we are encouraging you to use today says it all, IPGOD (which stands for Intellectual Property Government Open Data but really it’s mostly about the acronym). This includes both patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeders rights applications. We have trimmed down IPGOD's 100 years' worth of data to 10 years and transformed it into 'Demi-GOD'. 
In addition, we have provided a selection of JSON code that follows what the perfect path for a trade mark looks (Appendix C). This may also form part of your solution (hint-hint).

Eligibility Criteria
  • Must use Demi-GOD/IPGOD (find @ to develop app for patent applications.
  • For trade marks, must use available JSON script (link available in the IPA welcome pack) in combination with Demi-GOD/IPGOD .
  • Please note that Demi-GOD is an identical dataset to IPGOD: its size has been reduced to help GovHackers.
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IP Australia

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