Censational Hack

The 2016 Census numbers are in, GovHackers!

To help us promote this exciting release, we need you to come up with a proof of concept for a mashup that showcases the value of the latest 2016 Census data..

To win this category, you’ll need to develop and present a concept for a creative and innovative interactive web page or application using freely available 2016 Census data (previous Census data can also be used).

The ABS takes privacy and confidentiality seriously, so your concept shouldn't attempt to identify any individuals, households or organisations. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let an ABS mentor know.

The winning concept will need to be educational, engaging and usable for the general public. The more creative the concept, the better. The sky's the limit!

Eligibility Criteria
  • All entrants are to submit a ‘Proof of Concept’ for the product using clear examples of Census data use and how the product would work.
  • As the use of Census data is pivotal to the product, it will need to be the main theme of all concepts. Additional data sets may be used if it adds value or extra functionality to the concept, but it cannot ‘take away’ from the main purpose, which is to create an innovative interactive and educational Census data experience for users. .
  • Ideal product concepts will be simple and intuitive to use while keeping the audience engaged. Competitors are reminded the product must be suitable for use by the public who may have a relatively low statistical literacy. It should be fun, engaging, and interactive to pique and maintain audience attention.
  • The concept could use (but is not limited to) animation, virtual reality, gamification, and/or data visualisation.
  • As per the terms of the GovHack competition, the ABS has the option to invite any GovHack team to submit formal quotes to undertake further work on their submission. The ABS reserves the right not develop any of the competition submissions.
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Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
CBRstatbot spiceboys.space Canberra ACT
2gather.space Learn Imagine Adapt.space (LIMA) Sydney NSW
ACT Livability Profile Index (LPI) DIISCOVER Canberra ACT
AtThis.Space Flaming ???? ???? Unicorns Melbourne Victoria
Ausafe Chitech Mount Gambier SA
Australian Big Things Cool Name Pending Melbourne Victoria
Baby Watch Baby Watch Sydney NSW
Bizinga.tech You Code Nothing Jon Snow.TECH Brisbane Queensland
BizKit BizKit.TECH Adelaide SA
Borobi Chat Prestige Worldwide Gold Coast Queensland
Budget Canvas KnowEyeDeer Mount Gambier SA
CenBot Complaint Maker 3000 Gold Coast Queensland
Censusmas caffeinate me Perth WA
Childcare Bliss bliss travellers Wyndham Victoria
Chooks Chooks Adelaide SA
CitySpot Dunn25 Playford SA
CityZen.space CityZen Ballarat Victoria
CommsBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
CPI... What CPI Big Data Buddies Melbourne Victoria
Datapocalypse Survivors Sydney NSW
Datasong KnowEyeDeer Mount Gambier SA
Disability Without Barriers Crusaders Canberra ACT
Enviro Hackers Enviro Hackers Sydney NSW
Equality Fun-D(ata) DataNomNom Sydney NSW
Farmers61 SUHO Canberra ACT
findus.space teamsuperduper Canberra ACT
Fishing Go iFish Brisbane Queensland
Gender transparency CGS_Lemons Canberra ACT
getMoving Smart Move Ballarat Victoria
GovHub Lifechangers Brisbane Queensland
GREEN (Growing Resilient Environmentally Enduring Neighbourhoods) Geoninjas Canberra ACT
Health Hackers Fortune King Sydney NSW
HOTDOGS HackerDogs Adelaide SA
How Immigration Dedicate Australian Society NewComerBlue Sydney NSW
Imagine If The Imagineers Perth WA
InfoBox Misfit-Makers Canberra ACT
invisible cardboard home Brisbane Queensland
Know Your Place Team Kruupy Hobart Tasmania
LandChain :: The Building Passport SUHO Canberra ACT
Little Play Space Little Play Space Sydney NSW
Market Finder Capricorn Rising Rockhampton Queensland
MasterYourCensus.Space Master Your Census Melbourne Victoria
NextBiz.space NextBiz.space Gold Coast Queensland
NXTBDY.tech rgb(255,0,0) Canberra ACT
planyourcare.tech DATACAKE Sydney NSW
Pokejob Pokejob Ipswich Queensland
Predictive Prism X Brisbane Queensland
Project NeXT Team API Wyndham Victoria
SafetyCam TeamOne Ballarat Victoria
SAMOSA : Solar And Meter Optimization - Smart Application SAMOSA Wyndham Victoria
Search t+1 CTDS Sydney NSW
Self Health DataMineCraft Perth WA
Shut Youth Prisons SYP Mparntwe Alice Springs NT
snapshot devhead.space Perth WA
Socio-environmental index of NSW The Slickness Paramatta NSW
Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) Technogesic Ballarat Victoria
Sparky, the ChatBot SUHO Canberra ACT
superportal.space SuperPortal.tech Melbourne Victoria
TacksHax H@ckgile Sydney