Code for the Classroom

In an era where computers have integrated into all aspects of human life, knowing how to program is almost as essential as knowing how to read and write. Develop a hack that inspires students to learn computer programming and rethinks the way it is taught in and out of the classroom.

Eligibility Criteria

This has to be a game changer. If your idea has been done before, it must radically improve upon its predecessor. Think 10x.

Award Sponsor

Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
Axplorer Axplorer.Space Adelaide SA
Capture the Villan! Atlas's Resteraunt Canberra ACT
Chooks Chooks Adelaide SA
CitySpot Dunn25 Playford SA
CommsBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
Data DiVR Technomicon Brisbane Queensland
Datapocalypse Survivors Sydney NSW
Enviro Hackers Enviro Hackers Sydney NSW
Fishing Go iFish Brisbane Queensland
i-hack-we-hack hans0-t3k Wyndham Victoria The Three Markovs Sydney NSW
Media Storm Placeholder Launceston Tasmania
Project NeXT Team API Wyndham Victoria
Search t+1 CTDS Sydney NSW
snapshot Perth WA
VolunteerBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
YoungCommunity Sree Wyndham Victoria