Eyes on APIs

What does a digital service from government look like when powered by APIs and open data? Reimagine a citizen's interaction with government that might require a cross-agency approach and connect the dots through APIs (or propose what these APIs might need to look like!).

For example, registering a birth, applying for their IRD number and passport at the same time!

Eligibility Criteria

Use at least one data API from data.govt.nz to rethink a government online service for citizens.

Award Sponsor


Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
Awol TopDown New Zealand New Zealand
Captain Jack Kiwot Hamilton New Zealand
ConcreteInk CONCRETEINK Wellington New Zealand
end-the-rbnz lonewill Hamilton New Zealand
HungryAvo HungryAvo Wellington New Zealand
Nuclear Ban Nuclear Hamilton New Zealand
Pepperoni Sandwich Pepperoni Sandwich Hamilton New Zealand
Simplocation Simplocation Wellington New Zealand
Sustain Peddle Gringene Bioinformatics Wellington New Zealand
tracking-our-nation.space tracking-our-nation.space Wellington New Zealand