Neighbourhood and Community Confidence

The best entry that promotes neighbourhood safety and increases community confidence. Everyone deserves the right to go about their daily lives safely and without the fear of crime.

Eligibility Criteria

Must use South Australian data discoverable on and at least one data set published by AGD, available at

Award Sponsor

Attorney-General's Department of SA

Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
Amazing Living 2Awesome Adelaide SA
Ausafe Chitech Mount Gambier SA
Chooks Chooks Adelaide SA
CitySpot Dunn25 Playford SA
Disproportionately Common Crimes By Location in South Australia Superb Fairy Wren Adelaide SA Flotech Adelaide SA
OurCommunity cornerstone Adelaide SA
R_U_B_B_I_S_H Playford SA
Step Art Clockwork Torange Adelaide SA
Suburb Outlook 2030 Adelaide SA
What's the deal with? What's the deal with? Mount Gambier SA
YourCommunity.Space Adelaide SA
Zones for Drones Drone Warriors Adelaide SA