Open Data and Congestion insights

Best insights into NSW’s and Sydney transport demand and congestion, its causes and correlations.

The Transport Challenge for this year is - “Best insights into NSW’s and Sydney transport demand and congestion, its causes and correlations”. 

What does this mean?

We all know that our population growing and demand for transport will grow with it.

If not managed congestion could have economic, social and environmental impacts.

For our customers it means a load of things;

•        it could be unreasonably long journey times, delays and lost time,

•        it could mean your transport service is full,

•        It could mean increased traffic

What we are interested in is how to manage the impact of congestion! So tell us and show us!

1.            So the tell us what can be learnt from the data and why is today might be bad compared to a week ago same time/same day of week?”

2.            Show us what you would do?

We feel there are endless possibilities

1.            Is there a way to better digital solutions to serve customers?

2.            Could you personalise messaging and the transport experience?

3.            How could we encourage customers change to remode, reroute, replan or retime their travel to avoid congestion?

4.            Can we manage network capacity better to improve traffic flows or have more effective disruption management?

For this event, we have data with a focus on four (4) separate weeks from recent history.

1.            1 week from November last year  when fares changed

2.            NYE just gone

3.            A week before and after when magnetic stripe tickets where retired in July 2016

For each of these weeks we have a stake of data across public transport and roads – this includes Opal Tap On off data and road travel time.

Go the Hacksrpace to get the data - but we’re hoping other data is used as well

Eligibility Criteria

Must use data or APIs from

Award Sponsor

Transport for NSW

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