Safety hack (International)

The best entries that leverage data to help keep people safer, more informed and increase health, resilience and wellbeing.

Award Sponsor

Bureau of Meteorology; Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
Pollutant at the Disco Pollutant at the Disco Brisbane Queensland
Safe Space Edgity Sunshine Coast Queensland
The Health Craft High Flyers Sunshine Coast Queensland Learn Imagine (LIMA) Sydney NSW
Absolute Rubbish Box of Nerds Melbourne Victoria
ACT Livability Profile Index (LPI) DIISCOVER Canberra ACT
Air Solution AlmostHuman Canberra ACT
Ausafe Chitech Mount Gambier SA - Instant auto confidence Paramatta NSW
Axplorer Axplorer.Space Adelaide SA
Beeware (Waspémon Go) DIISCOVER Canberra ACT
BEST (Best Estimate of Sydney Traffic) The Best Team Sydney NSW
Borobi Chat Prestige Worldwide Gold Coast Queensland
Bushtag Furry Friends Sydney NSW
Can we make Victorian roads safer!! Super_Road_Analytics Melbourne Victoria
Canberra Repair Stay Woke Squad Pham Canberra ACT
Capacit8 auwu-gc Gold Coast Queensland
Carriage Capacity The Phython Sydney NSW
Chooks Chooks Adelaide SA
CitySpot Dunn25 Playford SA
CommsBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
ConcreteInk CONCRETEINK Wellington New Zealand
Crash Crash Auckland New Zealand
Cristat Cristat Canberra ACT
Cyclist Dangerzone Warnings! SAD Data Analytics Canberra ACT
D-tension SlackingNT Alice Springs NT
Data->Driven Holly & Henry Canberra ACT
Datapocalypse Survivors Sydney NSW
Digital Identifiers (AUS) Digital ID (AUS) Sydney NSW
Disproportionately Common Crimes By Location in South Australia Superb Fairy Wren Adelaide SA
DR Watch DR Paramatta NSW
Dream Location Team Tam Brisbane Queensland
DriveSafely Brisbane Queensland
EMAPP Blown Away Broken Hill NSW
Emergency Service Application Gold Coast Queensland
EmergencyGO Zero Melbourne Victoria
Enviro Hackers Enviro Hackers Sydney NSW
ePrescriptions@ DATACAKE Sydney NSW
eVAC ASDF Christchurch New Zealand
Fahrenheit 4701 The Firestarters Rockhampton Queensland
Fine Me A Way Team206 Canberra ACT
Fishing Go iFish Brisbane Queensland
Flow AI Casey Re-routers Casey Victoria
Frontline Rescue Christchurch New Zealand
Gender transparency CGS_Lemons Canberra ACT
GPSeek GPSeek Auckland New Zealand
Greensland Brisbane Queensland
Happy Camping Arvis Melbourne Victoria
Health Hackers Fortune King Sydney NSW
Honey I hit a Roo RooHit GovHack Canberra ACT
HOTDOGS HackerDogs Adelaide SA
Incremental Change The Fire Ants Christchurch New Zealand
Kaching Me Transformers Whanganui New Zealand
Licence to Learn Oakton Canberra ACT
Light Night Doo-wops Melbourne Victoria
LightYourWay LightYoueWay 2017 Canberra ACT
Little Play Space Little Play Space Sydney NSW
Make a local difference Triangle Paramatta NSW
MasterYourCensus.Space Master Your Census Melbourne Victoria
Mobilize HutSix Alice Springs NT
Murango Dragons Canberra ACT
My Digital Concierge Torange Juice Adelaide SA
My Safer Community WYN Innovators Wyndham Victoria
NightWatch NightWatchMen Canberra ACT Flotech Adelaide SA rgb(255,0,0) Canberra ACT
P2P+ (Point2PointPlus) Team ERM Canberra ACT
Papatohu Papatohu Christchurch New Zealand
Phantom Reporter Team Drop Table Canberra ACT
Planning Melbourne: Foot Traffic Heatmap Casey Victoria
PollenOF make things better Melbourne Victoria
Project NeXT Team API Wyndham Victoria
Rack City Fee and the Lads Brisbane Queensland
Red House, Blue House... Red House, Blue House Team Darwin NT
ReScrew Community Builders.TECH Canberra ACT
reUnite Team reUnite Wellington New Zealand
Road Fatalities Dashboard robwelan Ipswich Queensland
road safite The King of Dragons Mount Gambier SA
SafeRoute Adelaide SA
SaferRoads ShawTech Melbourne Victoria
SafetyCam TeamOne Ballarat Victoria
scenit - an app prototype by team dataTuba dataTuba Sydney NSW
Scuber CLUKEJ Ipswich Queensland
Search my space SearchMy.Space Playford SA
Search t+1 CTDS Sydney NSW
Shiba Cycle Icycle Brisbane Queensland
snapshot Perth WA
Socio-environmental index of NSW The Slickness Paramatta NSW
speedback LV Hackers Latrobe Valley Victoria
Suburban FennerBoiz Canberra ACT
Suburbia Brisbane Queensland
Take Care! Guardians Melbourne Victoria
The Cost Of Congestion The E's Melbourne Victoria
Traina Emergent Melbourne Victoria
TransApp The Diverse Dumplings Gold Coast Queensland
Transpool transpool Perth WA
Transpot Transpot Perth WA
Up and go Arvis Melbourne Victoria
VéloCity The Committee of Public Safety Canberra ACT
ViBit Sydney NSW
VisualEYES VisualEYES Sydney NSW
VolunteerBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
WanderSafe The Data Surgeons Christchurch New Zealand
Welcome to Canberra Year7CGS2017 Canberra ACT
What's the deal with? What's the deal with? Mount Gambier SA
Where Should I Live? The Red Team Canberra ACT
WindBuddy Random Matters Perth WA
Wondering Weather Three is a crowd Melbourne Victoria
WyndhamEye TenSlackers Wyndham Victoria