Search & Rescue comms

How can we better assist our SAR teams during a civil emergency?

The search and rescue teams that were deployed out in the flooding last weekend to check on homeowners and help evacuate them, had a good deal of communication difficulties. An app that lets them manage deployed teams (where cellphone connectivity isn’t an issue) would be useful. This would utilise public geographic data through geotracking and geotagging submitted photos/video, but otherwise really only internal council data, eg team membership, ratepayer info. Public datasets, if there are any, on extent of affected areas would be really good to utilise, but principally it’s more a “Where are you now, where are you going, what’s your tasking, and what have you found” communication tool.

Eligibility Criteria

Data supplied by SDC

Award Sponsor
Selwyn District Council

Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
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ConcreteInk CONCRETEINK Wellington New Zealand
eVAC ASDF Christchurch New Zealand
Frontline Rescue Christchurch New Zealand
Mai Niesh Auckland New Zealand
Raven Gate 17 Auckland New Zealand
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