Transport hack

Awarded to the hack that makes a difference to transport in Canberra whether around sustainable, active, safe or efficient travel.

Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one dataset from dataACT.

Award Sponsor

ACT Government

Projects for this award:

Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
BoredInCBR Boredom_n_buttons Canberra ACT
Cyclist Dangerzone Warnings! SAD Data Analytics Canberra ACT
Data->Driven Holly & Henry Canberra ACT
Express iWouldRatherWalk Canberra ACT
Fine Me A Way Team206 Canberra ACT
Honey I hit a Roo RooHit GovHack Canberra ACT
Intelligent Vehicle Usage for Sustainable Canberra Data_Artist Canberra ACT
Licence to Learn Oakton Canberra ACT
NightWatch NightWatchMen Canberra ACT rgb(255,0,0) Canberra ACT
P2P+ (Point2PointPlus) Team ERM Canberra ACT
Scenic Cycle Datalicious Canberra ACT
Transport Transfer Illuminated Script Canberra ACT
VĂ©loCity The Committee of Public Safety Canberra ACT
Welcome to Canberra Year7CGS2017 Canberra ACT
Where2B_CBR HSR^2 Canberra ACT