ACT Addressing

"The Geocoded Addressing data maintained by Environment and Planning is the authoritative source for addressing in the ACT. The geocoded address provides the spatial location of the address (point) and the conventional description of a block or group of blocks in the ACT generally consisting of a street number, street name, division (urban only) and district. Addressing data is maintained on a daily basis as addresses are allocated resulting from Development Applications (DA), Estate Development Plans (EDP) or residential requests.

Each block may have many addresses and an address may cover many blocks. One urban block may have more than one address if there are several street frontages, or if it is a unit development or a dual occupancy. One rural block may have more than one address for a block. Currently, this is only the case where there is more than one residence on the block, but this may change in the future.

The ACT Government maintains property street address details under the Districts Act 2002. Information is captured for both urban and rural properties.

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