Census 2016

All 2016 Census of Population and Housing data is available for free on abs.gov.au/Census. We have a range of Census online products depending on what data you are after:

QuickStats enables you to quickly and easily access summary information about the people, families and dwellings in an area and compare it to state and national data. At the state and national level, QuickStats highlights key differences between previous Census years.

Community Profiles provides a comprehensive statistical picture of an area, detailing characteristics of people, families and dwellings. They cover most topics from the Census form and can be used for research, planning and analysis. This product gives you a spreadsheet of data that you can download and play with.

Data Packs provide data corresponding to Community Profiles but available in CSV format and in a wide range of geographies. Data is available down to Statistical Area 1 (SA1) level and other geographies including postal areas, suburbs and electoral divisions.

TableBuilder is an online self-help tool that allows you to build your own tables from a range of Census variables and geographies. TableBuilder gives you the ability to specify cross tabulations of Census variables, create and save custom geographies and groupings and produce and download tables, thematic maps and graphs.