Natural Resource Management (NRM) Infonet

On this site you can create pdf reports that measure or quantify the fire history and fire management of the remote and rural areas across northern Australia.

For areas in the Northern Territory the site can also produce more general NRM reports and booklets that draw on species lists, soil and vegetation maps and management guidelines.

The fire reports can show the areas burnt by fire scars in each month of a selected year in a selected area or can profile the long term fire history of that area. Fire Scar and Fire History reports are only available where there has been extensive 250m scale fire scar mapping: in the NT, in the Kimberley region of WA and in far northern Queensland.

The NRM reports for the NT provide lists of threatened species, weeds and pest animals likely to be found in a selected area, as well as maps and profiles of the soils, vegetation and fire frequency of that area.

The booklets provide more details and information links for each of the threatened species, weeds, pest animals and wildlife groups likely to be found in the selected area in the NT. The Custom option allows you to choose the elements you want included in your report.