Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
2gather.space Learn Imagine Adapt.space (LIMA) Sydney NSW
Agus Hypotheloitte Paramatta NSW
Agus Health Hypotheloitte Paramatta NSW
Air Buster - Respiratory Health Risk Monitor Air Busters Paramatta NSW
AutoCheck.tech - Instant auto confidence AutoCheck.tech Paramatta NSW
Avocado Index The Avocado Pair Paramatta NSW
Baby Watch Baby Watch Sydney NSW
BEST (Best Estimate of Sydney Traffic) The Best Team Sydney NSW
Bushtag Furry Friends Sydney NSW
Buy1Give1forSchools Very Educational Sydney NSW
Carriage Capacity The Phython Sydney NSW
Check the Law Check the Law Paramatta NSW
Childcare Availability Factor(s) ChildCareInsightGenerator Paramatta NSW
CUB4URU RegUL8ion.tech Sydney NSW
Datapocalypse Survivors Sydney NSW
Digital Identifiers (AUS) Digital ID (AUS) Sydney NSW
DR Watch DR Paramatta NSW
Dude! Where's the Money The Joker's Ledger Broken Hill NSW
EMAPP Blown Away Broken Hill NSW
Enviro Hackers Enviro Hackers Sydney NSW
ePrescriptions@ DATACAKE Sydney NSW
Equality Fun-D(ata) DataNomNom Sydney NSW
Funbook Connections Broken Hill Smart techies Broken Hill NSW
GovDocs Papyrus Sydney NSW
GovFinder Simon and friends Paramatta NSW
Health Hackers Fortune King Sydney NSW
HomeChoice NSW NSW housing hack Paramatta NSW
HotorNot Spot Elem Pell Broken Hill NSW
How Immigration Dedicate Australian Society NewComerBlue Sydney NSW
Indoor Way One man band - no problem! Sydney NSW
LearnMarkov.tech The Three Markovs Sydney NSW
Little Play Space Little Play Space Sydney NSW
Make a local difference Triangle Paramatta NSW
Mining Magnate The Walker Crew Broken Hill NSW
MyMaps.space Team Awesome Paramatta NSW
Open Government Playbook Open Evangelists Sydney NSW
Parking Pal Yakup & Friends Sydney NSW
Parrama Parrama Paramatta NSW
Patent Pending ™ The Codefather Sydney NSW
planyourcare.tech DATACAKE Sydney NSW
PowerHurricane.tech Energy Saver Paramatta NSW
Project .95 Asteriks Sydney NSW
scenit - an app prototype by team dataTuba dataTuba Sydney NSW
Schools Connect Schools Connect Sydney NSW
Search t+1 CTDS Sydney NSW
Silver Scores Music Buzz Broken Hill NSW
Socio-environmental index of NSW The Slickness Paramatta NSW
Sydney Transport for Alexa AlwaysPunctual Paramatta NSW
TacksHax H@ckgile Sydney NSW
Tappy McTapface the income tax bot Tappy McTapface Sydney NSW
Threat of Automation RoboThreat.tech Sydney NSW
Transponsive Transponders Paramatta NSW
Transport Analysis Transport Analysis Paramatta NSW
TripLazy Fantastic 8 Paramatta NSW
UbeeUTI UbeeUTI Design Concept Team Broken Hill NSW
ViBit ViBit.tech Sydney NSW
VisualEYES VisualEYES Sydney NSW
Vocus.space Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Sydney NSW
WaitLess Everyday Awesome Sydney NSW
Who Else is Like Me Kayon Sydney NSW