Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
Pollutant at the Disco Pollutant at the Disco Brisbane Queensland
Safe Space Edgity Sunshine Coast Queensland
The Health Craft High Flyers Sunshine Coast Queensland
Accessible Queensland PickUp Australia Ipswich Queensland
Active City The Artisan Hacksmiths Brisbane Queensland
Age Care Choices The Data Luddites Sunshine Coast Queensland
Ask Borobi True Daily Double Toowoomba Queensland
Austiniary BNECARERS Brisbane Queensland
b3d Orange Toowoomba Queensland
BirthAdvisor Maternity Consumer Network Toowoomba Queensland
Bizinga.tech You Code Nothing Jon Snow.TECH Brisbane Queensland
Borobi Chat Prestige Worldwide Gold Coast Queensland
Capacit8 auwu-gc Gold Coast Queensland
CenBot Complaint Maker 3000 Gold Coast Queensland
ClearCafe Team Anaru Brisbane Queensland
CommsBuddy DREMS Gold Coast Queensland
Coommon Common Paramatta Queensland
Court Me Court Me Brisbane Queensland
Data DiVR Technomicon Brisbane Queensland
Data Reef Futuristic Blanket Brisbane Queensland
dataMash I am the GovHack now Ipswich Queensland
DiiTO InTheOpen.space Ipswich Queensland
Discover Brisbane bot Botto Brisbane Queensland
dontgetscammed.space Team Diligiser Ipswich Queensland
Dream Location Team Tam Brisbane Queensland
DriveSafely https://aproximity.space Brisbane Queensland
e-resq Excitations Gold Coast Queensland
Emergency Department Load Forecasting {"Beast Mode" : true}; Gold Coast Queensland
Emergency Service Application CyberPolice.tech Gold Coast Queensland
ESA ESA Crew Gold Coast Queensland
Fahrenheit 4701 The Firestarters Rockhampton Queensland
FCC-Southside FCC-Southside Logan Queensland
Fishing Go iFish Brisbane Queensland
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighters Brisbane Queensland
Fun Coast ABM Sunshine Coast Queensland
futurecities.tech futurecities.tech Gold Coast Queensland
G'day Queensland Hugh Hackman Brisbane Queensland
Gold Coast Chadjango Brisbane Queensland
GovHub Lifechangers Brisbane Queensland
Greensland greensland.space Brisbane Queensland
HealthOMeter Health Queensland Brisbane Queensland
invisible cardboard home Brisbane Queensland
Kylie knows about govt services YakkityHacks Brisbane Queensland
LibAir Team Rocket Logan Queensland
Market Finder Capricorn Rising Rockhampton Queensland
myGoldCoast myGoldCoast_devteam Gold Coast Queensland
NextBiz.space NextBiz.space Gold Coast Queensland
NoJunk 2nmb.tech Gold Coast Queensland
Not Kangaroo.tech Randall's Fangirls.TECH Brisbane Queensland
NotSAD BrisBIS Brisbane Queensland
Pokejob Pokejob Ipswich Queensland
Popping off. bigJu_and_co. Brisbane Queensland
Predictive Prism X Brisbane Queensland
QLD Fireworks Codearmy Brisbane Queensland
QLD Healthy Edition Vorto Gold Coast Queensland
Rack City Fee and the Lads Brisbane Queensland
RE:Member Politech Brisbane Queensland
Road Fatalities Dashboard robwelan Ipswich Queensland
SciSearch Forward thinkers Rockhampton Queensland
Scuber CLUKEJ Ipswich Queensland
Shiba Cycle Icycle Brisbane Queensland
Smart Vision Living = Better Living through Technology Team Wulf Ipswich Queensland
SpaceShare SharedSpaces Brisbane Queensland
Spacmans Brisbane Adventure Spacman & Spatman