Project Title Team name Event location State, Territory or Country
A Stitch In Time a Stitch in Time Melbourne Victoria
Absolute Rubbish Box of Nerds Melbourne Victoria
Adopt-a-Tree Brimbank Tree Huggers Brimbank Victoria
Are your Annoyed by Rubbish Collecting ? Milkshake Melbourne Victoria
Ask Your Council Banana Exchange Casey Victoria
AtThis.Space Flaming ???? ???? Unicorns Melbourne Victoria
Australian Big Things Cool Name Pending Melbourne Victoria
Bliss Travel Bliss Travellers Melbourne Victoria
Bright future plans in a housing bubble? TeamDash5 Melbourne Victoria
Can we make Victorian roads safer!! Super_Road_Analytics Melbourne Victoria
Chat Bot Arvis Melbourne Victoria
Childcare Bliss bliss travellers Wyndham Victoria CityZen Ballarat Victoria
Community Report Here For Bread Melbourne Victoria
CommuteAlert CommuteAlert Wyndham Victoria
CPI... What CPI Big Data Buddies Melbourne Victoria
Crowd Simulation in 3D Environments Conor O'Kane Melbourne Victoria
Demo root Melbourne Victoria
DJ DJ Casey Victoria
dot space active Ballarat Victoria
EmergencyGO Zero Melbourne Victoria
EPA Air Quality moss Latrobe Valley Victoria
Flow AI Casey Re-routers Casey Victoria
Get Sporty! Canberra Victoria
getMoving Smart Move Ballarat Victoria
Greenhack GreenHack Wyndham Victoria
Growing Wyndham Three is a Crowd Melbourne Victoria
Happy Camping Arvis Melbourne Victoria
Healthy Practices Daniel Neyland Ballarat Victoria
Helping Out, Melbourne TeamAwesome Melbourne Victoria
i-hack-we-hack hans0-t3k Wyndham Victoria
iConnect OneTeamOneDream Wyndham Victoria
KidCare KidCare Finders Melbourne Victoria
LIBx360 LearnOn Wyndham Victoria
Light Night Doo-wops Melbourne Victoria
Litterly-Awesome Litterly-Awesome Melbourne Victoria
Managing potential traffic danger zones in a growing city Team-danger zone Melbourne Victoria
MasterYourCensus.Space Master Your Census Melbourne Victoria
Melbournians' Pace One Big Mess Ballarat Victoria
MentorMe TeamYFam Brimbank Victoria
Migration performance Dial Brimbank Victoria
My Safer Community WYN Innovators Wyndham Victoria
MyOtherProject TheTeamProjectTeam Melbourne Victoria
MySmart Community Smart WYNners Wyndham Victoria Melbourne Victoria
Parks+ Brimbank Victoria
PedestrianTraffic MrPredictor Ballarat Victoria
Pending Unicorns Shooting Unicorns Melbourne Victoria
Planning for our children's future Caring for our future Casey Victoria
Planning Melbourne: Foot Traffic Heatmap Casey Victoria
PollenOF make things better Melbourne Victoria
Pollution Explosion! TeamDash5 Melbourne Victoria
Project Blue Orange Team SJK Melbourne Victoria
Project NeXT Team API Wyndham Victoria Ballarat Victoria REGSCHECK.TECH Melbourne Victoria
SaferRoads ShawTech Melbourne Victoria
SafetyCam TeamOne Ballarat Victoria
SAMOSA : Solar And Meter Optimization - Smart Application SAMOSA Wyndham Victoria
Small Business Viability Vicious and Delicious Melbourne Victoria
Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) Technogesic Ballarat Victoria
speedback LV Hackers Latrobe Valley Victoria
SportsMate KND Casey Victoria