Absolute Rubbish

Absolute Rubbish takes the thinking out of a necessary part of every Australian's life by notifying the people of Melbourne about when to take out their rubbish and recycling.

- Councils (eg: Brisbane source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/35722833/council-could-be-on-your-case-for-forgetting-to-put-bins-out/#page1) are introducing new technology to trucks and bins that would enable councils to track who forgets to put their bins out.
- This would be combating the same problem but in an inexpensive way to get people to 

- Advantageous to people who move around and are not sure of their collection days or even council.
- It's not practical for garbage trucks to return for bins that were not put out on time.
- Collection days can sometimes be forgotten, leading to a build up of rubbish and recycling. Such situations can contribute to improper disposal of waste and recycling material. 
- Recycling fortnightly, rubbish weekly.
- In Australia, over 90% of Australian households utilize municipal kerbside recycling services. Australians have a good attitude towards recycling, and so potential exists for products which can make that process easier.
- Users can find out the collection days and register to recieve notifications on their device the day before their rubbish/recycle is due to be collected.
- Data taken from Open Councils Platform API (https://opencouncildata.github.io/Platform/) 
- Data includes collection days, hard waste collection information, recyclable material information. 
- Coverage is not complete. Other councils to be encouraged to make their lat/long data (which is already used on their own sites) available to the Open Councils Platform API.

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