Active City

Active City: a small change makes a big difference.
Brought to you by The Artisan Hacksmiths.

Why not get active and healthy while at the same time help reduce traffic congestion?

What is the problem?

There are many people who want to be healthier but feel as though that they are too busy to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Nearly 1/3 of Australian adults are not sufficiently active. It's time to change our approach to promoting healthy lifestyles.

Our key community hubs are constantly congested with traffic. This gives the city a bad reputation and this also pollutes the environment with Carbon Footprint.

What is the solution?

The Active City web application enables you to enhance your ordinary daily routines with healthy activities, while reducing your carbon footprint. Active City aims to encourage combining driving and walking to your destination.

Why should I use this web application?

Australian residents are very busy with their weekly schedule so they may feel that they do not have time to exercise. Active City will not take up any extra time on a busy schedule, rather it will combine driving with walking in that same schedule to encourage healthy exercise. As a result, there will also be less traffic congestion and carbon footprints.

But I'm already on a busy schedule.

We believe that you can swap your time for driving by walking or cycling. By swapping driving for walking you are not only getting the recommended exercise but also reducing carbon footprints and traffic congestion.

Let's get moving Queensland. Let's clear the roads of bad congestion. Let's get our bodies active and healthy. 

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