Adopt-a-Tree Brimbank

Kevin and Tom Fitzsimons met Jenny Isa at Brimbank GovHack 2017. We loved the Brimbank City Council data, especially the open spaces info around trees.

We thought it would be wonderful to find a way to create a stronger bond between Brimbank residents and their trees. Why not let them adopt a tree??!!

Adopt a Tree Brimbank allows users to do just that, and it will allow them to name the tree, create a backstory - which might be a fairytale or just the reason why you love that tree. In time we want to deepens what users could do, including adding other entities to the tree - such as birds or mythical creatures. Further, we would like to explore with Brimbank Council whether a physical marker could be placed against a tree that has been adopted.

Our website is very much a prototype but we are committed to adding all this functionality in coming days.

Thank you very much for a wonderful 3 days.



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