Age Care Choices

Problem we are trying to solve: Currently there is no comprehensive user friendly consumer search and rating system for aged care facilities in Australia. eg. TripAdvisor for the Aged Care.

Solution: Our project, Aged Care Choices,  is a search website allowing users to make more informed decisions about their or a relatives Aged Care facility. Each Aged Care facility will have a user rating system which is moderated and also empowers the Aged Care Facility to engage in a dialogue with the users. Users will not only be able to search for specific facilities, but also location and social/community programs that are run at the facility. This incentivises Aged Care facilities to input detailed data about their facility and programs. 

Data Story:

Utilising the data set located at we created a search engine that allows consumers to search for facilities. Data was converted to be utilised in JSON format for easy querying of the Google Map API. An Integrated chat bot is then bound back to field questions about services.

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