Small businesses is one of the key economic drivers of the Australian economy. But small businesses may not have the people, time and resources to research all the current laws, acts, policies and other regulatory documents that may be relevant to their business operations.

Small businesses need a cheap, fast and easy way to find all the current regulatory and legislative information thats relevant for them so that they can get back to core business operations.

For example, as a local cattle farmer, it might be hard to keep up to date on all the current trade regulations. You have heard that there are now new rules in places that opens up cattle exports to the EU. But having a browse on the internet did not tell you whether you are eligible, and you are unsure of the steps you need to take to start exporting. All you need to know is: Am I eligible to apply? How do I apply?

Our problem statement: 

How can the government improve the way that relevant information is surfaced to small businesses so that they can get back to core business operations?

Our solution:

Agus, a new way to interact with government.

Agus is a chatbot framework that can be deployed across multiple channels so that important and relevant information can be accessible to small businesses across Australia.

Who are we?


Arnold is a Back End Developer working at Hypothesis Consulting helping businesses implement digital tech. Arnold is always looking out for the next big hack.


Tengis is a designer and full stack developer working at Hypothesis Consulting. He is interested in exploring cutting edge technologies, and creating new applications.


Part data analyst, part business consultant. Jesse works at Deloitte Digital helping companies utilise their digital analytics and customer data.

Next steps

  • Flesh out integration with Raap API
  • Deploy one channel successful to the public
  • Deploy across other channels
  • Integrate across other use cases

Thanks for checking out our submission, please check out our project documents for more information.

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