Air Solution

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, not a breath of wind. The smell of summer is in the air. As she steps outside, she says “What a beautiful morning” , just before her throat begins to tighten with the tell-tale signs of an asthma attack.

Smog, smoke, pollen, allergies, asthma storms; have you ever wondered what factors affect the quality of the air you breathe? Maybe it’s the heat of summer, with storms, bushfires and dust blowing up from increasingly dry weather and decreasing our air quality. Spring with its pollen, Winter with chimney smoke. Maybe it’s the extra hot air coming from Capital Hill when parliament is sitting.

By mashing together data ACT Government Hourly Air Quality Monitoring Data, Bureau of Meteorology Weather Verification weather observation data, ACT Government ESA Incidents and Responses 2014-2016 Suburb data and a side of painstakingly scraped weather information from Weather Underground.

We aim to produce an interactive dashboard to display meaningful data results with the aid of AI and Machine Learning algorithms to help citizen scientists visualise and analyse data, to investigate relationships between weather conditions, air quality and respiratory emergencies with our air pollution solution: Air Solution.


Can we finish in time? We are only human…almost.

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