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Looking for a Retirement Village ?  Awesome Living App can help you.  

Selecting one has never been so easier.  This App is designed to help decide on a Retirement village based on your location criteria.  Users can locate a Retirement village by current location or entering the Postcode or Suburbname.

Solution Description

Upon selection, a 'General Description' and Neighbouhood Safety Rating for the Suburb is displayed. 

The Retirement Village is symbolised by a 'Hut' symbol, a General Clinic has a 'Plus' sign and the Hospital with Specialist Service has a 'Plus sign with a Person'.  

Upon hovering on the 'Hut' symbol, users can go to the website of the Retirement Village (if any).  On hovering over the 'Plus sign with a Person', users can know the type of Specialist services available.

Clicking on the Menu, allows users to access a Register of Retirement Villages in South Australia.  Users can search through this list for a specific Retirement village if they are not sure about the suburb where it is located.

Datasets used

The App uses Google maps API in conjunction with the South Australian Retirement Villages Register dataset to give the locations of retirement villages in that area.

The Crime Mapper Historical Dataset is used to provide a Neighbourhood Safety Rating for the suburb.


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SA Public and Private Hospitals Locations
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SA Health Public Hospital Specialist Services
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South Australian Retirement Villages Register
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Crime Mapper Historical Data
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