Are your Annoyed by Rubbish Collecting ?

​​In every City of Melbourne property, the residents are required to place out the rubbishes by different type (recycle, general, green) according to the schedule of garbage collection in each residential area. Normally, recycle and general garbages are collected weekly, and green garbages are collected fortnightly. 

According to the Victorian demoghrapic statistics, one third of the current residences were born overseas, and the rate is beleived to keep increasing. Among the foregin recidences, a considerable amount of people come from the countries where garbage classification has not been popularized yet, so for those residents they are very likely have trouble placing their daily waste in the wrong place. Apart from that, resisdents may have to move house relatively frequently driven by various reasons such as education status, change of job, marry or divorce, etc. These could increase the confusion for them to understand the garbage placing-out policy, especially when they have to move from one suburb to one other, and the schedule or the policy between two suburbs could be different. 

With the consideration of these factors, the rubbish collection from time to time makes life harder to the residents, saying some just arrived- australia residents have no idea of how to placing out their house waste; some new moved residents tend to mix up the collection schedule; and even for some local resisdents who have been living in a place for years, there are still high possibility for them to easily to forget garbage collection date, so that forget to placing out their rubbish bins on time, have no choice but have to wait until next pick up day, which is next week or next fornight. What does it mean? it means the rubbish in the bins can't be dealt with on schedule, and they will keep lying in the bins and consequetly smells terribly! Imagine the smell and the mess. Particularly, when it comes to the summer time, it can't be worse.  

So, we are thinking about to develop an application that serves as a reminder of garbage collection. With this app in hand, residents only need to do a quick registration with their personal email address and set the location information (e.g. post code, street name). Then a reminder will be sent to time either weekly or fornightly at a right time just before the rubbish collection.

The more interesting is, we could also expect that the time of reminder can be adjusted automatically according to the weather forecasting information, allowing the residences to arrange accordingly. 



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