Get lost where to go when you landed in Adelaide? Can't decide which scenic spot to visit first? No idea what facilities are around you?

No worries! Axplorer is here for help!

No matter if you are tourists travelling or local residents living in Adelaide, Axplorer helps you to discover intriguing  attractions, identify surrounding facilities and it can even assist you with your trip planning!


In this app, we combined Google maps with local knowledge we acquired from to provide more relevant and convenient information to tourists, or even enable local residents to "adventure" in their communities. For tourists, Axplorer App presents the popular attractions in an organized way, which they can plan their itineraries conveniently and efficiently. The attractions are displayed in list and visualized in the map as well. Adding attractions through the app, it would automatically generate the most efficient route so that tourist can just follow the route and enjoy the road views! No hurries and no worries!

The second feature of Axplore is to help the tourists to find the nearest facilities while they're travelling. Not only sports fields, restrooms can be found, but also parks, hospitals, police, ATM and etc. are included in Axplorer. It enables tourists to find facilities they need more easily and conveniently, and which helps to increase the utilization rate of facilities as well. All can be beneficial!


Benefits to SA:

Tourism is one of the key industries for Australia. According to 2015-2016 Tourism Research Australia (State Tourism Satellite Accounts), Tourism provides 60,000 tourism related jobs to South Australia in 2015-2016 and brought $5,674 million GVA. Compared to other states, South Australia only attracts 5.6% of tourists (436,000 out of 7,724,000) in 2017. If SA could attract more tourists, the economy of the society would be improved and bring more employment opportunities. It's a win-win situation for every party.

The datasets used by our project are listed below. In our next step, we will add more features to the App, such as giving suggestions for outdoor activities based on air quality, recommending bike and pedestrian routes and etc. 


Welcome to Axplore! Welcome to Adelaide! Welcome to Australia!




Team name
State, Territory or Country
Event location
Datasets used
Dataset Name
Trails, Great Buildings, Sights & Public Art API
Dataset Name
Adelaide Free Wi-Fi connections
Dataset Name
Netley Air Quality monitoring station particle data
Dataset Name
SA Air Quality Monitoring Sites
Dataset Name
South Australian Parks - Features and Facilities
Dataset Name
State Heritage Areas
Dataset Name
State Heritage Places Images
Dataset Name
Properties Land Use
Dataset Name
Picnic Tables Locations
Dataset Name
Dataset Name
Tourism Visitor Statistics
Video URL (YouTube/Vimeo)