A challenge for many people looking to start a business is determining its optimal location. Fierce competition and the current economic climate can contribute to the indecisiveness that many aspiring entrepreneurs usually experience. With little accessible information, it’s typically difficult for them ascertain whether or not their dream business will succeed, and more often than not, this results in inaction.  That's where we come in.

Bizinga is an innovative web application that assists aspiring entrepreneurs in the planning phase of their start-up journey.

Through combining opensource government datasets, we enable our users to gain local insights by searching for an industry or location. When searching by industry, Bizinga can identify potential locations for new businesses, based on competitors, projected growth and local demographics. Searching by location will highlight potential business industries are projected to be successful in that area.

By using Bizinga, future business owners and entrepreneurs can make more informed decisions regarding where to start their business or what type of business to start. While any new venture is a large risk, the data that Bizinga provides can assist those looking to gain location-based insights into small business trends and to identify the industries that may hold the most promise in the future. The accessibility of this information can foster greater innovation within Australia.

Bizinga.  The right business in the right location.

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