How do you build a successful business?

BizKit is an innovative and intuitive tool that enables new and existing businesses to flourish in South Australia, which can also be applied to other parts of Australia.. This is achieved by aggregating and translating essential data into actionable intelligence.

Some of the insights that BizKit provides are:

  • Customer Segmentation - Customer profiles and willingness to pay.
    • Enables users to understand their customers and build a business idea around them.
  • Market Analysis - Presence of competition, their performance, and unmet needs.
    • Enables users to create a unique value proposition, setting them ahead of their competition.
  • Lessons Learned - Reasons why other businesses failed.
    • Help users to learn from other's mistakes and try to pinpoint potential weaknesses.
  • Potential Customer Acquisition - How exposed, visible and convenient a location is.
    • Enables users to easily understand how suitable a location is.

BizKit does this by integrating different datasets and APIs like:  

  • Census data
  • Australian Demographic Statistics 
  • South Australian Government Education and Child Development Sites and Services
  • Major and Minor Roads    
  • Bike Routes    
  • Yelp

So, is BizKit just another planning tool?

BizKit is more than a once-off planning tool; it has the potential to combine other data to alert businesses of any planned interruptions, such as road resurfacing, water main relays, and other capital upgrades. Businesses can then leverage these insights to effectively plan and unlock opportunities as a result of this work.

BizKit also offers the capability to model future trends, like population density, to assist the government in their planning. In addition, RealXML can be used to show available commercial properties. Combining BizKit with social media data such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. we can leverage sentiment analysis and movement trends.

Finally, BizKit offers a platform where government can successfully support businesses, enabling the entrepreneur to succeed.

BizKit was built using R, Shiny, Leaflet, and FlexDashboard. It’s hosted in AWS and its code is publicly available at GitHub.


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Australian Demographic Statistics (population estimates)
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Yelp Fusion API
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Bike Routes
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Major and Minor Roads
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Adelaide City Census of Land Use and Employment
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South Australian Government Education and Child Development Sites and Services, as at June 2017
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