Bliss Travel

Bliss Travel App is a multi platform web app that uses ElectronJS (for the desktop application / Laravel 5 for the API) (OSX Package available for download)

Windows and Linux Packages @TODO

What is the problem we're trying to solve

  • When your work time is limited and you’re always trying to make the most of your day, finding the perfect time to book in meetings or appointments can be a hit and miss.
  • It’s easy enough to see live traffic data using Google maps, but what if you need to travel in a few days/weeks time ?

The Resources

  • Using HERE Maps (link) historical data we’re able to gather the average travel time for given roads and using a combination of the other datasets we’re able to give you a projected travel time.
  • With the Traffic Count Vehicle Classification (link) we’re able to determine what type of vehicles you’d be traveling with (trucks, cars, buses, etc)
  • We also use the NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts (link) to analyze the roads you’d be traveling on to compare the speed limits to the average travel speed normally seen, then adjust your projected travel time.
  • Also using the following traffic speed camera locations, fines and offences we can project an estimated safety factor during the time you’ve chosen:
    • Mobile Speed Camera Visits and Stays
    • Traffic Camera Offences and Fines
    • Traffic Speed Camera Locations

The Solution / What is BlissTravelApp

  • Calculates a projected time of travel given your day and time
  • Suggests alternative times of the day to travel that saves you time
  • Percentage of what type of traffic you’re going to be traveling with (cars, trucks, buses etc)
  • How many traffic lights you’re going to encounter on the way (which we use to adjust your travel time)
  • How many speed cameras / fines and offences have been given on the route to calculate a general safety factor rating
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Bliss Travellers
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Datasets used
Dataset Name
HERE APIs & SDKs for maps, location, navigation
Dataset Name
Mobile Speed Camera Visits and Stays
Dataset Name
Traffic camera offences and fines
Dataset Name
Traffic speed camera locations
Dataset Name
Live Traffic Site Status
Dataset Name
NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API
Dataset Name
Traffic Count Vehicle Classification 2014-2017
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