Bright future plans in a housing bubble?

Buying houses isn’t easy. But it never has been. We built this project for potential home owners to see how their worries about housing affordability compare with that of the past and the potential future. By using data from the census, ABS, RBA and, we created a too, to compare housing affordability across the generations. The main technology we used was Angular. 

We are eligible for the plausible futures award and the innovative presentation of economic data award as we are trying to help people realise the inter-generational difficulties of home ownership.

The moral of this project was to highlight that instead of comparing how “easy” it is for other generations to buy, we should focus on coming up with solutions for housing affordability for the present and future.

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Household debt to assets
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ABS weekly earnings from 1988
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Salaries in Australia
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Australian housing affordability in 2050
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