Environmental degradation, residential and industrial development are major contributors to the decline in biodiversity across urban and rural Australia. In fact, Australia has the highest rate of animal extinction in the developed world.

Our solution is Bushtag, a data mashup and interactive map that provides Government, Businesses and NGO’s with easily accessible information about the location of biodiversity. This information can be used to influence their planning decisions and ecological responses to natural disasters. Bushtag also encourages environmental enthusiasts to experience and preserve endangered species before their population declines.

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Furry Friends
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NSW BioNet Species Sightings Data Collection
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Land Zoning (Selection of Zones)
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Acid Sulphate Soils (“Disturbed Terrain”)
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NSW Exploration and Mining Title Applications
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NSW Exploration and Mining Titles
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NSW Major Operating Mines
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NSW Priority Oyster Aquaculture Areas
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