Have you ever got one of those "buy one get one free" offers and thought "I only need one !" but bought it anyway just to have the spare sit around the house ? We want to turn buy one get one free into buy one give one for products schools need every day.

At Buy1Give1forSchools ( we help schools in need of resources by generating donations via purchases of identical products by parents or schools. We supply vendors with a simple to use "digital ad server" that tags their specific product pages as enabled for the "Buy1Give1forSchools" program. To achieve this we mash up publically available data such as school locations, demographics and Gonsky RAM data to generate a set of recommended schools that a purchaser can choose to help. The purchaser is then personally thanked and the school informed of the donation via their public contact details.

Our full non-MVP vision would be national (the MVP focuses on NSW data) and include tools for school leaders to monitor the campaign and manage the details we present beyond the generic information. We would also like even simpler tools for vendors and the ability to cap donations.

For this hack day we will just present a basic demonstration of our approach with sample ecommerce pages.


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Very Educational
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Resource Allocation Model (RAM) and family occupation education index (2016-2017)
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Master dataset: NSW government school locations and student enrolment numbers
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Here API
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