Can we make Victorian roads safer!!

We want to predict the relationship between road structure, lighting on the road, travelling time, traffic signalling, density, road works and events with fatal crash incidents on Victorian roads.  According to the results of the analysis, our target is to recommend some change/addition of road signalling while there are any road works and events or peak traffic time to avoid accidents.

Our target audiences are: VicRoads, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), WorkSafe Victoria

Our target output:

An analysis which demonstrates what went wrong (like road geometry, location, travelling time, driving pattern, the age of the driver, vehicle type, traffic density, signalling, construction, road work, pedestrian movement, incidents) on any road which created either fatal accident or huge road congestion. Moreover, we can suggest some plans/strategy to particular authorities to prevent or reduce this kind of events.

Suppose there is a road work/accident going on Tullamarine free way and due to road diversion strategy a huge traffic congestion there and people are not aware of escape path. We can suggest a mock up app where people can use that on certain road diversion scenario to avoid hassles using real time traffic and road works/events data.


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