Capture the Villan!

Our project is designed to help students learn to code using real life datasets. We've created coding challenges based on real and fake government data released during GovHack. We've used the Ed platform to create the challenges. Yet these challenges are definitely a work in progress, but so far 3 are ready.

1) ABN Detector: Villians are creating fake ABN's for nefarious purposes, luckily there is a an algorithm for detecting fraudulent ABN's since the first 2 digits are a checksum for the next 9 digits. The task is to implement this fairly simple algorithm in python.

2) Water Fellon: A nefarious felon has been poisoning water fountains around the ACT, however, she's quite mathematical, and has decided to only poison fountains, who's longitude contains a prime number. The task is to find the poisoned fountains.

3) Hackers Fall: The villians are getting tricky, they're encrypting their evil messages with ROT13 cipher, to avoid being detected. You have to decrypt the messages and search for keywords in the messages that indicate mal-intent.


This is most certainly only a demonstration of the idea, the however the concept is quite exciting. Many students learn best when the practical applications of their skills are obvious, and this project exploits this fact.


- Andrew & Atlas

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