Carriage Capacity

Our GovHack 2017 entry is Carriage Capacity, an application that will take the train occupancy data-set and show commuters the optimal time to travel. Have you ever seen someone be denied transit on a bus due to lack of seats? We are hoping to solve that problem with our project as this will warn users ahead of time, as well as suggesting an alternate time where occupancy is shown to be lower. This means that you'll always get a seat; whether you're travelling for business or pleasure. 

We chose to build this project as the number one frustration of daily commuters is that during peak hours it can be nearly impossible to find a seat or sometimes even appropriate standing space. This will help streamline the travel experience for commuters that have the freedom to choose their arrival and departure times, allowing them to reschedule for a smoother travel experience while also freeing up space on trains during peak hour traffic.

Our application currently makes use of the train occupancy data-set but could be expanded using opal data to improve the predictions made by the program.

we aim for a program that is:

available to anyone

easy to use

for all ages

therefore with this project which we have designed allows us for commuters to check times when the best optimal times would be to catch trains when it is less crowded and more room for those who wish to sit down

we believe we fall under the category for these awards:

Bounty: Plausible Futures/Bounty: The Future is Unwritten- thinking ahead the project could be used for all public transit making people never miss a train,bus or other transit due to lack of room again. those with prams or large objects such as instruments will be able to find public transit on buses by planning ahead

Future of work hack- by making public transport even simpler we can create better travel from work and home through train and bus seat availability

going places/Maroon hack 2 - Commonwealth Games - Accessibility for Tourism- we hope to make transit easier for those who don't often use transit making going places a cinch

Innovation Hack/Into the New hack- We are trying to revolutionise something as simple as daily transit by making planning ahead and travelling more common and simpler

Places hack- by making transit more comforting we hope to make this the travel of the future

Social hack/Safety hack- in choosing how empty or full public transport is when you travel we hope to increase public safety and a more social experience

Open Data and Congestion insights- our main category we hope to make congestion smaller by promoting public transit and making that more common by knowing when and how you can get from home to any destination


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