CommsBuddy – Get the message across

CommsBuddy Solution is an Omni-channel platform for multi-language communication and broadcast.

This platform comes with api services and web application that enables users to communicate in multiple languages in real time.

Following are the key use cases

Commonwealth Games


There are around 70 countries participating in common wealth games. Most of the countries have large number of non-English-speaking citizens who would be visiting Goldcoast for Games in support of their players, they would have challenge in understanding the announcements, commentary and one on one communication in English.


Comms buddy web app can be used to solve these issues  

o  To Broadcast tourist information in multiple non-English speaking tourists.

o  To broadcast Games commentary in multiple language in real time to non-English speaking viewers

o   Community alerts can be broadcasted to help the games spectators in venues or in case of disaster management


All Airport announcements will be translated into the App user language

Major State and Local Government events 
This app Translate all the Broadcasting messages/running commentary from the events management into App user language.

Disaster management Communication 

During disaster management time the announcements from the authorities will be automatically translated from English to App User Language.

When there is any emergency User who are using this app receives the emergency messages into their language such that they can follow the instructions.

 Journey planner in Native languages and voice enabled

This app can also be used to find the Transportation details around the town in their own language

App converts the user language into English and then it sends query to relevant department API and get the information and then convert that information into the user language. 

State Tourism

Every year around 9 Million International visitors visit Australia. English is not the first language for many of these visitors. Finding information about the transportation is difficult to the tourist. This app will make it easier to the user. App converts the user requirements into English and get the data from the Transport department API and then converts that data into users language.

Tour Guide translator as a service

Under the hood in simple terms 
·      Users will be able to talk in language of their choice.

·      This is translated and broadcasted to one or multiple people (receiver).

·      A receiver can have his or her own preference of language to see the text and / or listen to the communication.

·      Similarly, when a receiver replies his message gets translated and passed across to one or many as required.

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Competition Venues - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Competition Venues - Data | Queensland Government
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Overseas Travel - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation - Data | Queensland Government
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TransLink real time data
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TransLink Origin-Destination Trips
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Gold Coast Bus Shelters
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