Community Report

Community Report - allowing communities and local councils to work together for a better, cleaner community.

Usually, it's a member of the community that first notices that a public facility is no longer working. Whether it's broken, inaccessible, or gone completely missing; it's in everyone's interest to have it fixed as soon as possible. The council is able to action any faults quicker than ever, and the community benefits from working public facilities.

Community Report is a mobile app that allows users to view council facilities on a map at their location. With the click of a finger, they are able to lodge a report, informing the council about any issues. No phone queues, no hunting around for an email address; just a simple report tool in your pocket.

Based on Open Council Data, the facilities shown on the map are easily identified. The council asset's data (from the Council Open Data API)is passed along with the report, making it easy for the relevant council to view reports for their facilities and create relevant work orders. We cover facilities like public toilets, drinking fountains, bicycle racks, litter bins, and more.

Reports are currently stored in a relational database, making it easy to pull new reports into the relevant council's systems as desired. Work orders can easily be created in government/council systems such as Pathways.


Team Members:
Haakan Sjoelin
Ross Gillespie
Aish Kodali
Josh Palin

Google Drive:

Objective-C (iOS App)
NodeJS (Back-end)
MySQL (Back-end)
AWS (Back-end hosting)

TheNounProject (icons)
Wistia (Background music)

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Here For Bread
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Open Council Data Platform
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