The Cost Of Congestion

The cost of congestion is a progressive web application that presents the losses that traffic congestion causes in an accessible form and suggests solutions.

The target audience is the Government as this app provides insight into possible causes of congestion and possible solutions.

It estimates the expected losses of time and productivity due to congestion and suggests innovative solutions based on supporting datasets such as incentivising public transport or repairing certain roads.

And this is only just the tip of the iceberg, and endless amount of datasets could be mixed in like a speed limits dataset to see if there is a correlation between speed limits and congestion, or a traffic lights dataset to see if traffic lights make a difference.

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2016 SoE Built environment baseline modal share projections for total urban travel to 2030 (BITRE)
Dataset Name
2016 SoE Built environment Upper projections of avoidable social costs of congestion, 1990-2030
Dataset Name
2016 SoE Built environment Projected population of Australian capital cities, 2012-2061
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