CPI... What CPI

Project Goal - Take complex economic and financial information and present it using easy to understand infographics on:

- How Australian household expenditure is affected by price changes in the "basket of goods" measured by CPI. 

- Show how many households are earning at or below the estimate of Average family expenditure. An estimate of this value for 2017 was used (calculated by grossing up the 2010 HES estimate using CPI changes) 



By Combining CPI and HES information in infographics the rate at which areas of household expenditure are increasing can be quickly presented. This information can be then be used by persons to inform decisions which affect these areas for example government departments, private health insurers and retailers.  

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Big Data Buddies
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Datasets used
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6446.0.55.001 - Consumer Price Index: Correspondence with 2009-10 Household Expenditure Classification, Australia , 2011
Dataset Name
6401.0 - Consumer Price Index, Australia, Jun 2017
Dataset Name
6530.0 - Household Expenditure Survey, Australia: Summary of Results, 2009-10
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ATO - Gross pay Calculator
Dataset Name
Census 2016, Total Family Income (weekly) by Family Composition (LGA) T19
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