New Zealand has the worst homelessness rate out of the OECD with more than 40,000 roughing it on the streets at night. People are freezing to death without proper accomodation. 

We built Crash Here to help at risk people find shelter and help. We accomplish this by providing a SMS and web service that provides information about nearby emergency housing providers that accept anyone at any time, regardless of circumstances. 

There is a need for this product as shelter information is not easy to access and not easily accessible through google.

The app primarily depends on the MSD Family Services Directory and the MBIE Community Housing Regulatory Authority for shelter information.
It also depends on Twilio to handle SMS messaging.

In the future, we would like to extend this service to other types of social services, including drug and alcohol treatment, domestic violence, and will attempt to partner with a local telco to provide Crash as a free SMS service.



  • Design collateral is in the attached folder. 
  • Developer collateral is on the GitHub repo.

Prototypes & Pattern Libraries:


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Live Product:

  • Visit
  • Text +61 481 072 154 (service intermittent - currently works on few phones as the phone number is Australian)

User Flows:





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