How cool would it be if you could grow your own fruit and vegetables? Well now you can with the user friendly app called Cropall. Cropall offers the ability to see what fruit and vegetables are grow able in the area. It will also show the best place to plant them through data sets containing heat maps of water quality and soil conditions. This will also choose the best location based of data sets that contain weather forecast predictions. On top of all of that, it will also show the best time to pick and plant your food based of Data sets under the name set crops. Once your plants has grow, you can then trade the produce with fellow Gardeners via options on our app/website. This allows the possibility to not just trade but to make new friends on your gardening experience. If you ever run into any troubles that you can not solve, go visit our facebook community for tip and tricks from other users. Did we also mention that our app will send daily forecasts of your region straight to your device. Cropall will advance agriculture in the South Australia as well as nationally and internationally bring people closer together. Potential expansion could be added Thank you for viewing our project!

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