Cruzee is a web app that provides useful information about cruise ships for Dunedin businesses, locals and tourists;

Utilising cruise schedule and ship capacity data, monthly regional tourist estimates, Otago Port future schedule, national and regional cruise statistics and the How Far Can I Travel tool.

For locals, it’ll show when cruise ships are expected, an estimate of how many tourists and where tourists are more likely to congregate, and if the wait at their favourite eatery is going to be longer than normal. 

For businesses, they can adjust staff numbers to ensure they are offering the same great service, and target cruise tourists directly such as selecting times for pop up sales. 

Lastly, tourists could use the web app prior to their trip to see how far they could travel on foot in relation to local attractions and landmarks.

So Cruzee gives you the information at your fingertips to make the most of the cruise ship season; whether you're a local, business owner, or tourist. It will no longer be a stress, it'll be Cruzee!

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Asterix & Obelix
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Cruise Schedule Data (Past)
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Cruise Ship Capacity Data
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Monthly Regional Tourist Estimates
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Otago Port Cruise Schedule Data (Future)
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Cruise NZ National Cruise Statistics 2015
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Cruise NZ Regional Cruise Statistics 2015
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