Discover Brisbane bot

Introducing the Discover Brisbane Bot.  Discover Brisbane is a clever bot that uses natural language processing (a form of deep learning) to interpret questions relating to events supported by the Brisbane City Council.  It aggregates over 20 live data feeds and pulls all the information into one easy to use bot.  The innovative use of Natural Language Processing allows anyone to ask naturally worded questions such as "are there any events on today" or "what child friendly workshops are on next saturday".  No specific phrasing or "trigger words" need to be memorised, just talk naturally.

The Discover Brisbane Bot is available on a wide variety of platforms, currently 3 separate platforms are supported and more can be integrated into over time.  These platforms include Facebook Messenger, an online website and the google assistant.  The google assistant is an innovative artificial intelligence platform created by google.  It works on any new android phone, apple devices (with the app installed) and a variety of others such as the google home and some smartwatches.

Imagine a mother sitting at home trying to wrangle in all the kids for breakfast.  They're all arguing and she's trying to think of something to occupy them for the weekend tomorrow.  She can simply ask the google assistant or send the bot a message and it suggests events her kids would like. This is just the beginning of the Discover Brisbane Bot, in the future so many other things are possible.  With the rise of open government data, tourist information, bus timetables, council information and facts, and so much more can be eventually be made available through the Discover Brisbane Bot.

*sorry for the poor quality video.  Being a team of one I misjudged the time required.

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