Donatr will be an online donation platform that changes the way we donate by connecting philanthropists and businesses with fellow Kiwis who want to make a difference.

We will provide dollar-to-dollar campaigns and social rewards to raise money and awareness for New Zealand's charities.


The traditional system of donation drives and collection days are dependent on the amount of spare change each and every person is carrying. However, the medium of spending money is changing, and with two out of every three kiwis no longer carrying cash (1), donation values have fallen. Donatr solves this problem by enabling easy and confident online donations to all New Zealand charities through a web platform.

Currently organisations and philanthropists are not making the most of the opportunity to raise money and awareness for the charity, because their donations are often going under the radar. Donatr increases awareness for the charities and the organisations or philanthropists that donate to them.


Donatr brings charities, businesses, philanthropists and donors together in one place. This will make donating more accessible, more rewarding and more social.

Our platform will encourage the public to donate more often by gamification of the donation experience and connecting it to social media. It will enable philanthropists and organisations to create campaigns where they pledge to donate X amount to Y charity with certain customisable features. For example:

  • Every dollar up to 20K NZD donated by individuals will be matched by Gareth Morgan.

  • Within the next 24hrs, McDonalds could pledge to give a burger voucher for every $5 donation to X charity.

  • Company A could pledge to give X dollars to Y charity for every share of the campaign on FB or twitter or instagram.

  • Achievements or badges for donating to specific charities or sharing on FB.

  • Levels that increase based on donated amount donated, number of charities donated to or number of FB shares.

Users will be able to donate anonymously or register on the platform. When registering the user would select categories they are interested in supporting and donatr then suggests charities that are related to their interests. Registered users of donatr will also be able to choose to appear on leaderboards such as total donation amount, number of referrals/shares.

All transactions will be handled by a third party escrow service such as Stripe, taking donations from the public directly to the charity, and freezing the amounts pledged by organizations and philanthropists through the duration of the pledge to ensure the money will be provided.

Donation drives can still be carried out in person, including the well recognised stickers, poppies, cash donations and human interaction. The donatr platform will be provided as an additional method for donation. This could be provided by a device, such as an ipad, being available on site, where the customer can put in their details and swipe their card (small eftpos/debit/credit card readers that plug into mobile devices are very cheap and accessible now).


We have used the New Zealand Charity Register open data to add all basic details for NZ charities. This is to streamline the sign up process for a charity, allowing them access to donations as quickly as possible. It also allows donatr to check that the charity is registered in New Zealand.



1. Kiwis Ditch Cash as Digital Payments Increase

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