dot space active

Dot space active connects you to people and motivates you to get out of the house and utilise facilities near to you.

  • Do the activities you enjoy with like-minded people when it suits you.
  • Get notifications when activities that interest you are happening nearby.
  • Use Alexa to express interest in an activity.
  • Receive information and recommendations on weather (ABS Grid data).
  • Automatically check and book local facilities.
  • Rate facilities, providing feedback to councils and providers as well as ensuring you secure the best facilities for you when they are available.
  • Rank others abilities to ensure you're always having fun and getting a challenge. 
  • That's Numberwang!
  • Score is Q to 12!
Team name
State, Territory or Country
Event location
Datasets used
Dataset Name
Bureau of Meteorology portal for GovHack 2017
Dataset Name - Ballarat Indoor Recreation Facilities
Dataset Name - Ballarat Sports Grounds
Dataset Name - Wyndham Sports Grounds
Dataset Name
dataACT - Sports Grounds in the ACT
Dataset Name
dataACT - Fitness Sites
Video URL (YouTube/Vimeo)