DR Watch

As Australia's population increases, so does the crime rate. DR Watch is a preventative counter measure to discourage criminals by involving the public in a red alert neighbour watch system.

The objective is to create a system that leads to improved safety in the community by reducing crime with a range of crime prevention measures.

This project aims to be a real-life crime reporting app, providing the user with ease and convenience by a touch of a button to instantly record the critical incident in a form of photos, short video and voice recording which could assist the police with evidence. This event is simultaneously sent to police department and community members in the same proximity e.g neigbours  living nearby who has the same app on their phone would be instantly alerted with the crime, fire or any emergency events and provide immediate help. The focus is to provide a timely response with community engagement as members of the public would be able to reach the person in need before the suitable emergency authority arrives.

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ABS Crime and Justice
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