Most students don’t know what they want to do when they grow up and historically there are skill shortages in various industries. Dreamcatcher helps identify student's dreams by presenting career pathways that are suited to their personal attributes and guides them into industries that has a work force demand.

Dreamcatcher is the go to “platform” for students to identify and obtain their dreams. The dream for those that do not know what they want to do when they grow up, are identified by the individual’s interests. The interest is an input the user provides, e.g. categories that are linked up with profiles from Myer Briggs. The results categorise them into a type of occupation using personality characteristics and should simplify their subject selection for Years 11 and 12 based on their dreams. The assessment will be tuned to suit the age group of the user (Year 9, average age 14 to 15) and they have to provide additional information such as age, sex, location are required.

The platform will not only be useful for the students (mainly frontend) but as well for the industry and government (mainly backend) to get career and work force demand forecasts linked up with the platform and influence students' career ways in guiding them into industries or professions with predicted growth. This will help to work specifically in areas where industry and government can predict future gaps in the work force and should have an impact on Australia's own supply of a skilled work force.

The concept platform is still to be confirmed, it could be a game, website/portal, app or any of these combined as a solution.

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Unicorn Farm
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Future employment projections to the end of 2020
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The new Work Smart (preparing young people for the future work order)
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